Happy Valentine’s Day Celebration

Happy Valentine’s Day Celebration

The real name of the Valentine’s Day is Saint Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated in many countries on February 14, in all over the world. It is not a holiday in most of the country but the youth celebrates this day with a great enthusiasm.

The name “Valentine” is derived from valens which means worthy, strong, and powerful. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the name of one or more Christian saint named Valentinus. The saint Valentinus is a widely recognized as a third-century Roman saint who is commemorated on February 14.

There are about eleven saints who is known with the name “Valentine” and are commemorated in the Roman Catholic Church. Out of eleven only only four who died on February 14.

According to the most scholars who believe that the St. Valentine was a priest who was attracted toward the Roman emperor Claudius II around 270. Claudius II had prohibited marriage for young men, by claiming that bachelors made better soldiers.

Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Day

The Valentine continued and secretly performed marriage. He was ultimately detained by the Romans and put to death. An Another myth says that the Saint Valentine was detained and imprisoned by Claudius. The Valentine was felt in love with the daughter of his jailer. Before, the execution of the Valentine the, he allegedly sent a letter to the jailer’s daughter, signed “from your Valentine.”

Happy Valentine’s Day Gift

On Valentine’s Day gift-giving and exchanging of greeting cards had become popular in England, by the 18th century. The ValentinesDay cards were made by hand and was decorated by laces, ribbons, and featuring cupids and hearts eventually spread to the American colonies. According to the Greeting Card Association, 20 to 25% of all cards are sold on valentine’s day, every year.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day

The youth of these days celebrate Valentine’s Day as a symbol of love and the best day of proposing someone. The youth propose whom they love by saying “Will you be my Valentine”. The couple can be seen everywhere on road side or the parks. They share their emotion to each other by exchanging cards, candy, gifts or flowers. The wife and husband wishes to one another by saying Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s is coming on 14th February now the time has to be come for share your feelings with your beloved.
Here we provide you Valentine’s Day Greeting Messages in various languages.

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